Nov. 14th  2014

is the release date for digital distribution and Radio plays of

O Sole Mio (when the sun is waking)


O SOLE MIO (when the sun is waking) is the brand new single of KIANA LUNA, the Japanese/American singer and songwriter, produced in Italy under Artistic Direction of Danilo Minotti and officially approved by BIDERI Editore pubblishing, for FR Music Agency. This is a totally new pop and modern version; one of the few performed by female voice of the world’s most popular song.


Kiana Luna

Songwriter & Voice

Danilo Minotti

Artistic Director & Mastering

Arrangments & Guitar & Bass & Keyboard

Beppe Basile


Michele Piazza

Photo & Video

Manuel Mocellin

Studio Grafico

Facebook: Manuel Mocellin

Christine Joan Johnson


Fausto Rota

Executive Producer



“O Sole Mio” original version is by

E. Di Capua/A.Mazzucchi/G Capurro

KIANA LUNA  - Born and raised in the mountains of Japan to a Japanese father and American mother, Kiana and her two older siblings were home-schooled at the foot of Mt. Fuji, until she moved to her mother’s homeland of Hawaii in 1999. Kiana learned English by traveling to Honolulu throughout her childhood, so it was a natural transition for her to begin her musical career in a place where she felt at home and had spent time nurturing her multi-cultural roots.

        Kiana’s first musical influence growing up was her mother, who was a singer in Hawaii during the 60’s, and then later expanded to a variety of Pop, World, Rock, and Classical music.   Although without any formal training in theory, Kiana began composing piano solos at age 9, and at 16 she began creating lyrics for melodies she strummed on her mother’s guitar.After a decade of performing with various bands and around the world as a solo artist, opening for International acts such as The Gipsy Kings and Headlining her own tours, Kiana’s Discography ranges from multiple New Age releases, a compilation of Folk and World music she made with her mother, and two EP releases of her pop-singer-songwriter music.That being said, Kiana’s 8th release in actuality is her Debut Full-length Vocal Pop-Album, which represents the culmination of her journeys from the mountains of Japan to the shores of Hawaii, to the boulevards of Los Angeles to the streets of Rome~ and somehow back home again.“This album for me signifies the circle of experiences and transitions in my life from when I first started writing music as a child to where I am now in my life as a woman. 

        Two of the songs from this record were among the first few songs I ever wrote on my mother’s guitar, and the other 10 were written a decade later during a time of vast transitions in my surroundings, relationships, and career decisions that ultimately marked my current path.“The title and theme of my album~ ‘Cycles, Cyclones, and Chameleons’~ represents the various patterns I’ve found myself in over the years, which I feel we all fall into in our own ways and many times get trapped in, until we learn to escape or avoid being tossed around our own little cyclones of emotional and spiritual heartache.  It’s like a metaphorical “dryer of life” that tumbles us around until the next time we need to "clean our laundry," and hopefully re-evaluate our decisions so we can start manifesting alternative circumstances, depending on how well we learn to balance the storms that come our way.“The front of my album illustrates those points perfectly; and the back of my album represents where I am currently, in learning to release my past patterns and transcend and transform beyond those limitations, while at the same time taking all of the positive elements of those lessons learned. 

       My hope is that as an Artist, I am able to continue growing and challenging myself towards expressing my deepest truths in a way that more fully embodies my spirit, character, and life experiences.  And most importantly, I hope to connect and relate with my audiences and perhaps help them move through a difficult emotion or celebrate a joyful one through the bridge of musical inspiration.  Either way, I feel infinitely blessed to live my passion daily, and to share this very special album with my family, friends, and fans! 

    Thank you all for your continued encouragement and support :)Grateful Hugs for listening to and sharing my music~ and may you all find a way to

 “Be the Voice that is your Essence!” =)

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